Assistance editing Autoblog plugin for improperly formatted images

As you can see in this thread, we've been attempting to find a way to get images to appear from our RSS freed originating on The originating site is sending some atypical code, which sometimes formats according to Markdown (we have a plugin catching that), sometimes html and sometimes just a bare url for the image. As a result, WordPress isn't handling the images very well.

Our goal has been to try to edit the Autoblog plugin so that it would make the images work properly. To that end, we've set these goals:

- Let properly formatted images through
- If there are no command tags around an image url, it would have to create them so it would display properly in WP
- If the <div class="pull-left/right">image.url</div> command is used, it would have to convert it to html
- If the <center></center> command is used it would have to convert it to html.

This would seem to fix our issues, if we could get it done. A dev that is helping us has implemented the following php to make it work.

index.php (

This worked on his tests, but then didn't when put on the site.

Here are the others. I'm not a dev, so am not sure what's what.

stripimages.php (
image.php (

I'm hoping someone can help us understand why it's not working. Unfortunately, unless he can post into this thread, I'll have to play middle-man.