Assistance with Ultimate Branding

1 - widgets - i basically selected all the options under the "widget" tab in the "ultimate branding" plugin but still see stuff on the dashboards. Also there are more items on the main site's dashboard, specifically "wordpress news" still appears.
2 - help content - i only have one item for the help content but i still see "video tutorials" appear. is that from wordpress or the wpmu videos plugin ?
3 - images - i changed the favicon image site wide successfully, but is there a way to have my favicon appear in "free" sites/themes and allow paid/pro members change easily change their favicon ?

4 - "For every enabled module, a new settings tab will become available in the Ultimate Branding area.

There is one exception: Remove WP Dashboard Link for users without site. That module has no settings tab because, if a user does not have a site in your network, it will simply remove the “My Sites” link from the adminbar."
this is from the plugin help description.
i have no idea what this means. how can a link be removed from a site that does not exist ?
can this be explained in more detail ?