Assosiate new Custom Theme Templates with new Custom Post Types with CustomPress and Theme Builder

Hello, here is a very simple (to the "stupid" level) question which, I think, will hopefully set things straight concerning the Upfront Builder capabilities combined with CustomPress:
I wish to do the following:
a) Make a new custom post type (along with new taxonomies and custom fields) with CustomPress
b) Make a new template to fit the needs of the new custom post type I created in step a)
c) Associate the new template with the new custom type
d) Make another template to "gather" some parts of the content type in a blog-page pattern, in order to "fetch" results from a search plugin on the new custom types
e) Make use of a search plugin that searches on custom types and associate the template that I created in step d) with the search results.

Note 1: I wish to create a new template(s) and also keep the default one for the default post types.

Note 2: If the above scenario is not possible with Theme Builder and CustomPress, what are the alternatives (for the parts not possible)

Thanks a lot, sorry for the loooooong question, but I suppose many people will make use of your answer(s)

  • Nastia

    Hello Nick , I hope you are doing well today!

    Thank you for your question!

    At the current time, the Upfront Builder doesn't support custom post types and t is not possible to create a layout for it.

    The only way is to edit custom post types is using the Upfront Editor.

    Our developers are working on this new feature, so the capability to create a layout for custom type posts should be added in the future releases.

    Have a nice day and take care!


  • Nastia

    Hello Nick ,

    My apologies for this misunderstanding, I had a chat with a developer regarding this, so I have an update regarding custom post types.

    At this time, it is possible to create a new layout(s) for a custom post type and keep the default layout one for the default post types.

    When creating a layout with Upfront Builder for a custom post type, click on Layout and select the custom post type from the list like it is shown in the attached screenshot.

    Make another template to "gather" some parts of the content type in a blog-page pattern, in order to "fetch" results from a search plugin on the new custom types

    For this, in the same way, create an "Archive" layout. An "Archive" layout is the same, for all types of post.

    As for the search plugin, I tested the Super Search plugin, and it is working well.

    Once you install the plugin, open Upfront in edit mode, drag and drop a Widget element to a region. go to element settings, locate supper search amongst all the widget.

    To summarize:
    a) First, the custom post type should be created with the Custom Press
    b) With the Upfront Builder create a new layout for this custom post
    c) Create an Archive layout

    Let me know if you have any further question.


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