Assosiate new Custom Theme Templates with new Custom Post Types with CustomPress and Theme Builder

Hello, here is a very simple (to the “stupid” level) question which, I think, will hopefully set things straight concerning the Upfront Builder capabilities combined with CustomPress:

I wish to do the following:

a) Make a new custom post type (along with new taxonomies and custom fields) with CustomPress

b) Make a new template to fit the needs of the new custom post type I created in step a)

c) Associate the new template with the new custom type

d) Make another template to “gather” some parts of the content type in a blog-page pattern, in order to “fetch” results from a search plugin on the new custom types

e) Make use of a search plugin that searches on custom types and associate the template that I created in step d) with the search results.

Note 1: I wish to create a new template(s) and also keep the default one for the default post types.

Note 2: If the above scenario is not possible with Theme Builder and CustomPress, what are the alternatives (for the parts not possible)

Thanks a lot, sorry for the loooooong question, but I suppose many people will make use of your answer(s)