at what point do you worry about "plugin bloat"?

I am currently using OpenCart as a shopping cart for my digital products. It’s worked quite well for a number of years. However, I’m contemplating moving it all to my main WordPress site, because it seems to make sense to me to have a combined “customer/subscriber” base – one place to login, one set of people to manage for mailing lists, etc.

As far as WPMU goes, I currently have Membership, eNewsletter, Google Analytics+, Slide-In, Q&A, Wiki, plus some other specialized plugins to just make my life easier. All in all 33 active plugins. Will Marketpress eCommerce be too much to hope for? This is a “self-hosted” server on Digital Ocean, so I have no problem bumping the specs if necessary.

I’m just wondering if this looks to be asking for trouble.



  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    In my opinion, others may differ, I only consider unnecessary plugins as “plugin bloat”. If you have 33 plugins and you are actively using all of them and keeping them up to date then I see no problem with that at all.

    If you have 33 plugins and couple of them you rarely ever use, maybe some you never use, and they just sort of “collect dust” so to speak – I would consider that plugin bloat.

    I have heard of websites having 40-50 plugins that don’t conflict with each other and all serve a purpose; on the other hand, I have gone into client’s sites and seen 15+ out-dated plugins that weren’t even activated!

    In short, if you aren’t using it then get rid of it. If you are using it then keep it up to date and you should be fine.

    Of course, knowing that the plugins are from a respected/trusted developer can be important too.

    Interested to hear others opinions on this topic as well.

  • Vinod Dalvi
    • WP Unicorn

    Hi Danita,

    Thank you for your question.

    at what point do you worry about “plugin bloat”?

    I think @tyepo have provided good answer on this in his previous reply.

    Just want to add a point in it that if you are using a plugin to get some basic functionality from it then instead of using it you can develop code in your theme to achieve the same and you can also optimize the code like if you are using some plugin functionality on specific pages then you can execute that code conditionally only on those pages.

    Will Marketpress eCommerce be too much to hope for?

    I don’t think so but yes it doesn’t provide that much features that OpenCart provides. you can just compare the functionalists provided by MarketPress eCommerce and OpenCart to see whether the MarketPress fulfills all of your requirements or not.


    Vinod Dalvi

  • Danita
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Yeah – I’m not totally convinced that Marketpress eCommerce is what I want. OpenCart works very well for me, and I might just upset the applecart to try to change it all. I might install it and test it out, but OpenCart is extremely flexible.


  • Danita
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi @vinod Dalvi – I have to take a closer look. I’m in the middle of an affiliate deal with another vendor, and I know that I can make OpenCart do what I want there. I’m not sure yet if MarketPress eCommerce has the features I’m looking for there. I DO know that it would be cool to be able to integrate all of the places where I collect customers (eNewsletter, Membership, OpenCart) together, and Marketpress eCommerce would help with that – so I’m still in “research mode”.



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