At what point does insanity become the problem?

I’ve spent the best part of a day wrestling with the W3 Total Cache plugin and have realised the old saying that “the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing but expect a better result”.

Could you guys advise me as to what I should do … including possibly abandoning W3 Total Cache?

Here’s the story …

Unfortunately I’ve installed-deinstalled-installed W3 Total Cache four times trying to diagnose what is triggering the 500 Internal Server Error.

Having searched quite a few forum posts on the subject, then past three times I have carefully:

To uninstall W3 total cache plugin, you need to follow following procedure:

1. Deleted the W3 Total Cache plugin from Wp-content/plugins folder

2. Removed this line from Wp-config file (define(‘WP_CACHE’, ‘true’:wink:;.

3. Deleted the advanced-cache.php, db.php, wp-total-cache-config.php files and delete entire w3tc folder from wp-content folder.

4. Checked .htaccess file and deleted any code added by w3 total cache plugin.

Each time I was able to enable all of the caching options from top to bottom, but I pulled the 500 Internal Server Error when enabling the object caching.

I really want to use this wonderful plugin, but this process is driving me crazy. What am I doing wrong?

Any clues guys? All of the other plugins have gone in without too many problems, but this one has me stumped and I don’t know where to turn.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks as usual … Michael