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In dance courses, I have registered students who physically engage in jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and modern dance courses.

Payment is made through the website.

How to allow the moderator to examine and register students attendance?

In addition, I would like to allow registration of a trial lesson for the various courses for free, while also allowing payment after the trial lesson.

Also if a student has reached the trial, the system will send a certain email and if not arrived the system will send another email.

how can it be implemented?

Thank you

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi James

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    Currently there’s no “trial” support in CoursePress but you could go for a “workaround”: creating additional free courses. For example, let’s say you got “Basics of jazz dance” course and you want to allow a trial with just one example lesson. In such case you could create an additional course “Basic of jazz dance – trial” with just one unit and set it as free. This way everyone could freely register for it and if that one unit would be actually copy of one selected unit of a full course – it would work pretty much as trial.

    As for examining users. There’s an option to set “pre-requisite” course. You can create a course that would e.g. include mostly questions that student would be required to pass. If you add e.g. some “text” question that would make such course NOT automatically graded so an instructor/teacher would then need to review it to make the student pass or fail.

    In the “main” course you could then set “registered users who completed the prerequisite course” option in “Enrollment Restrictions” section and select that “examination course” (mentioned above” as a “prerequisite course” there.

    The “flow” would be like this:

    1 student can take a free “mini course” – that “trial” one optionally

    2. student goes to the “Basics of jazz dance” course and enrolls for but is given a message that “this course requires prerequisite course to be passed first” and would be directed to that prerequisite course

    3. after that prerequisite course is passed student can continue with an actual “Basics of jazz dance” course.

    Getting back to the trial though. I suggested some “min course” as trial but that’s one of possible options. I’m not actually quite sure how would you like that trial to work exactly. With proposed solution everyone would get access to some specifically selected (by you) “example” lessons. You can create as many of them as you wish.

    But there’s also another scenario that comes to my mind: giving students an option to join any course – full course – for a limited time. For example: they can explore any course for a week. But this is something more tricky and would require 1) cloning the course so each course would be in regular (paid) version and in free version 2) using additional plugin (preferably Membership 2 Pro) to protect those free courses access 3) it would be difficult to stop students from re-registering for yet another free-trial membership to access courses again.

    That said, if you could please explain a bit more how would you want these “trial courses” to work, I’ll look into it to see if that could be achieved.

    Best regards,


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