Attn: Adam Czajczy = Plugin Issues

Hello Adam,

thanks so much for all your help so far.

I mentioned it earlier in our messages, but the other major issues that coursepress courses is that when it is activated no one can login properly. What I mean is that the people I have working i,e editors, guest posters, forum mods etc, go to log into wordpress and after clicking enter they come to a blank page. They are successfully logged in, but they can't go anywhere.

I know they are successfully logged in because to get into wordpress all they have to do is go to another page (any other page on the site) and then click the WP dashboard button on the type left hand side and they will be taken into wordpress. I am telling you this because I can either deactivate courspress and you will get in normally or I can leave it and you will have to do this same process.

I use WPEngine which will allow you to create any changes you want and play around in a staging environment, also send me a "Staging" link of these changes and then press live to go live on those changes if you want to keep them.

I have created a staging login for you here (Edit: Have taken this out. Can others read this? Super dodge. Not comfortable with this process) As I said this can be access from inside the WP. You already have access to this right (this has been extended)?

The link to the thread is:

Sorry I chose option for the questions as plugin. You get a whole different set of options because you are not logged in. I am logged in and do not see any of those options you are seeing like pre-sales etc.

Anything else let me know.