attn pranaya

hi pranaya -- i got your answer - how do i reply - there is no reply button....

Yes i went through the PDF- it seemed a bit old as screens are not the same - i know the basics are the same

i have created levels

but when i log on in another browser everything is accessable

I have a problem as i have some paying members - i used to use another plugin - and now i have had to hide my content for 24 hours as i cannot have it on the site

the content is in catagories....

  • Craig

    Ok - i am logged in.

    So, I have looked at the pdf - and i have set up the different levels
    they are active

    the catagories are not blocked off though

    i had a member solution in place - and have some paying members - i changed over to your member plugin and now i cant get it working...

    i have had to hide the catagories from the sidebar - so they are no longer accessible and the last member to sign up is not very happy...

    i was trying to have three levels (or 4 if visitors is a level)
    semi - 2 payments - i will limit the videos they can see till the second paypemtn
    free - only watch some vids
    and visitor

    can you take a look please? see what is wrong?

    I tried working it out before contacting support - i even treid to delete the plugin and re-install.

    I am using this plugin as I then want to add the affiliate plugin

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