Audit Log Deciphering

Looking at the Audit Log which shows a user named "Guest" (no such user exists) as having taken an "File Added" action.

The summary description reads "a new file added", and shows the path.
Basically it shows the path for what I am guessing is all wordpress files.

The Guest I.P. is the I.P. of the server the site resides on.
This is not a server using a hosting service. It is a server at my place of employment which physically sits in our building. The only sites on it are those we host for our various radio stations.

I did not do this activity.
I asked the only other person with access to the server if they did anything, he did not.

My only thought is that I had installed your Snap Shot plugin.
It did its thing at approximately the same time the Audit Log says this activity took place.

Could this be a log of the Snap Shot activity?
If so, why does it say "new file path added" in the summary?

This site had a bad jquery injection that we had been battling for two weeks, and finally lost the battle earlier this week.

This is a brand new (as of yesterday) Wordpress install using a different DB setup etc.

Anyway, with the jquery injection issue we had, I am super paranoid at the moment.
Looking for any insight you might be able to provide so far as if this Audit Log show activity from one of the WPMU DEV plugin... or if I need to enter panic mode again and start doing battle with another jquery injection or other malware issue.

The site is (currently anyway) functioning fine and as intended.

A scan reveals no issues.

But I'm still paranoid.
Any help, insight, advice would be great.