Author Advertising

Hi team

I am trying to share ad revenue with authors of the main blog. So i installed author advertising plugin, but when enabled and clicked on the config. i get this

Ah jist cannae do it captain. The database table cannot be installed, check your database permissions and activate the plugin again or run the following code in phpMyAdmin. All this error message means is that the plugin doesn’t have the rights to create a table for itself which means you’ll have to create one for it.

If you don’t know what phpMyAdmin is or you’re having trouble running the SQL statement, here is a good tutorial.

CREATE TABLE wp_author_advertising ( id mediumint(9) NOT NULL auto_increment, author_id int(11) NOT NULL default '0', author_advertising text NOT NULL, author_custom1 text, author_custom2 text, PRIMARY KEY (id) );

I have multiDB 256, when i tried to enter that sql in the main database it already exist. Does any one have any idea how to make this work?

Thanks in advance