AIM Test Mode Set up, invalid login/password?

Hello there,

I'm trying to set up my site so customers can purchase with the AIM checkout feature. I'm new to this and have never set up payment gateways before. The manuals and guides are overwhelming and I'm very confused about what to do.

I have a merchant and developer account and have put in the API keys for both at different times and I get this message "There was a problem finalizing your purchase. (TESTMODE) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive. Please go back and try again."

My site is using SSL.
Test mode is on.
Sandbox is on.

I will provide the WP login + login to a staff member if needed. I just want this set up and I have no clue how to do this...

  • Kimberly
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    Hi and Welcome to WPMUdev forums!

    I'm not incredibly experienced with the, but the basic idea with each of the payment gateways is the same.

    You have two sets of codes, one will allow you to test your account in "Sandbox" mode (think playing in your sandbox) The other is for use in Live mode, where folks will be using your store. Your test account is your developer account. Your Live account is your merchant account.

    It gets confusing sometimes trying to keep the API's straight :slight_smile:

    Here is some info from, it's a short page so no worries

    In order to test you can probably crate another account in your developer area that you can use as a sandbox "customer" account to checkout, thus being able to verify that your whole checkout process is working.

    Once you verify you can switch your API keys to your Live Merchant API's with confidence that your checkout will work :slight_smile:

    The Advanced Settings on your Gateway page are not necessary to the operation. They give you great control over your checkout process but you can use the Marketpress email as a confirmation instead and decide on the others.

    If you need someone to take a look I have no problem doing so. Just send login credentials to and I'll see what I can do!



  • pixelriver
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    Hi Kimberly,

    thanks for responding to my post.

    I do know what a Sandbox is and to make sure I'm using the developer account and to put in the login ID and transaction API key. I just tried this again and I got the same message. So, I'll be emailing you the login credentials and I hope you can shed some light on what I may be doing wrong.

    Thanks a bunch!

  • pixelriver
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    Ok I've figured out that the problem I'm getting is Error 13

    But the explanation there about changing parts of the script and URLs is above me. I don't know what to do and still haven't been able to fix this problem.

    I talked to the support and here's how that went:

    Christina Roberts: Hello Tony. I'm receiving error 13 on my merchant test account but reading this, I don't know how to fix it. I'm not a programmer and this is a bit too technical for me.
    Tony W: If you are using a test account you cannot post transactions to that URL. That is only good for live accounts.
    Christina Roberts: i don't know if i'm using that url. my website is wordpress using marketpress. all i know is that i'm using a merchant account in test mode and that explains what it is but it's too technical for me to follow and reading that article does not help me understand how to fix the problem.
    Tony W: This may be hard to figure out on our end. We don't know how wordpress works. Basically either the URL or the API login id are wrong. You would need to research this through wordpress.
    Christina Roberts: how useful. so when the article explains changing URLs in parts of the script, i don't even know what that 'script' is. well, alright. i'll see if i can figure it out through other sources. would this happen if i was using a live account or just a test account?
    Tony W: The error is the same regardless of test or live account. But the URL is different for a test account. Wordpress may not be coded to work with test accounts.

  • Kimberly
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    Ok, just emailed but have did not see this first....

    It is true that sometimes results are different with live accounts.

    You "should" be able to use a test account, but it's sometimes a limitation between the communication between the gateway and Wordpress. (It's not anybody "fault" just that they cannot speak to each other all the time)

    Are you able to try it live? Unfortunately it is the only way to really see if it is a communication error with the test account.

  • Kimberly
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    Reading again...


    Tony W: If you are using a test account you cannot post transactions to that URL. That is only good for live accounts.

    Makes me think it is a conflict with communication

    This stands out to me in the document you referenced
    The gateway URLs mentioned above only work with specific test accounts, available upon request by completing the form at

    So they must approve test accounts? Is this what you have?

  • pixelriver
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    Thanks for responding Kimberly.

    The article for Error 13 provided helped. I managed to find the URL string in gateways-aim.php and put in the other URL they suggested. The test mode worked for me then using several different credit cards.

    So now I've moved onto a real test order to make sure all the nuts and bolts work between receipts, shipping,, tracking number, etc.

    I deleted your account I made on my site in case you tried to login and couldn't.

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