ARB integration with Coursepress Pro

I'm wondering the best way to take both a one-time payment and a monthly recurring payment through for a course offering using Coursepress Pro. I see that with Marketpress, I can use as a gateway, but I don't see a way to take recurring payments. With Membership 2 Pro, it seems like I can take recurring payments, but I don't see an easy way to restrict one course at a time in a seamless integration with Coursepress Pro.

What I want:
• Create multiple courses with Coursepress Pro
• Let people pay for those courses with a one-time payment, OR a monthly recurring payment
• Restrict their access to only the course they signed up for and paid for unless/until they sign up for another one
• Be able to offer coupon codes for the courses that would take a percentage off either the one-time or the recurring price

This all seems possible with Marketpress and Coursepress Pro, except for the part about recurring payments.

Recurring payments seem possible with Membership 2 Pro, but it doesn't seem to integrate as well with the course content on Coursepress Pro unless I'm missing an easy way to do that (preferably not shortcodes on every course page which would get cumbersome to do).

The other option I see as a possibility is using WooCommerse and getting the WooSubscriptions plugin, but that is an additional cost and I would prefer to stay within WPMU Dev plugins if there is a good solution that integrates well here.

Thanks for the help! I did search and cannot find an answer in a previous thread.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey Miles, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    In regards to Membership 2 Pro integrating with CoursePress Pro, the way we've tended to advise would be to use the Individual Custom Posts add-on, as my colleague Kasia lays out over here:

    There's some additional considerations to this, however:

    - While you'd be protecting access to a course, a user would still need to sign up for the course, so the course he'd be signing up to would need to be free by default (I would reckon that this could be worked around, but it would require custom development presently). Probably would be looking to make a free version of the course, as well as a paid version (the paid one would be for when a user wants to make a single payment).

    - Since recurring subscriptions would be managed through Membership 2 Pro, you'd need to direct users to the signup page for a particular membership. Seeing as we offer various shortcodes inside of CoursePress Pro, in:

    CoursePress Pro -> Settings -> Shortcodes

    As well as Membership 2 Pro, inside of:

    Membership 2 -> Help -> Shortcodes

    You could create a course page for each course, providing course signup information, as well as a purchase button from Membership 2 Pro, so that you can offer users the option to purchase a course, or to sign up for a membership.

    As for the WooSubscriptions plugin for WooCommerce, I've not personally tried using that with CoursePress Pro, so your mileage may vary on that one (in terms of controlling access to a course).

    Kind Regards,

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