'Auto-add appointments into cart' option

Hi team

Using the Appointments+ and MarketPress integration. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the 'Auto-add appointments into cart' option does.

I use the MarketPress Appointments+ product page to choose a booking and with the option ticked and not ticked - i can't notice a difference in the booking process.

What exactly does it do?


  • forthgear

    Hi Predrag,

    This is the functionality I need with my appointments and I have the 'AUTO-ADD APPOINTMENTS INTO CART' option checked, and I am running MP above 3.0 but the direct click from the button "Please click here to confirm this appointment" is still resulting in bringing up the "Please proceed to checkout" link that you have to click before you go to the cart, rather than just going directly to the cart. Do you know what else I can try to fix this functionality? I have found a few threads that talk about changing the plugin files, but I would rather not do that and risk having it overwritten in an update.

    Thanks in advance!