Auto Assign Membership Permissions


If I use the membership plugin and move a user from Group A (Author Role linked to it) to Group B (Editor Role linked to it) they automatically get all Membership Permissions assigned. I do not want this as I only want these to be controlled by Admins.

I know I can manually go into a member afterwards and remove all the Membership permissions but my question is how do I set what each role should get to prevent this from happening?



  • DavidM

    Hi @Wayne,

    Thanks for providing access, I was able to take a look myself and couldn't quite understand what you were describing. Could I just ask for a bit of clarification?

    You're referring to the member listing at Membership > All members, correct?

    That I can see, all your members are setup with the same subscription and the same access level. Trying to change the access level without first dropping the subscription shouldn't be allowed, given the way the subscriptions utilize the levels.

    But should you drop a subscription then change a level, the level change should entail a complete change over so the member would only have that new access level's rules. They should only see that access level's allowed content.

    Does that help? Or have I misunderstood?

    Looking forward to your reply. :slight_smile:


  • Wayne


    Sorry yes I maybe need to explain this a little better so here goes,

    The default membership level is a standard user account which has the role of Contributor assigned. On the Users menu in the admin on the very last column it says Membership Permissions and they have none as you would expect as they cannot access any of the admin functions so all Membership Menu items in the admin are missing.

    If I move a user from one membership level standard user to another membership package which has the Editor role assigned then they automatically get all Membership permissions assigned in the admin to control all of the different membership settings etc.

    I want to understand how I choose which of these menu items are assigned to the Editor role as I don't want my editors being able to configure the membership plugin. I purely want that left for admins to do.

    Hope that makes sense. It is nothing to do with permissions throughout the front end it is about what admin permissions they are automatically assigned.



  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Wayne!

    I think I can help here. : )

    1. Admins will automatically have full access to everything, so you don't need to create a role for admins.
    2. For your Editor Role, you're going to want to create negative rules (or don't add positive rules, if you're using those instead) for the sub menus, which you'll find at the bottom of the list of rule groups, under Administration.

    From this menu, you can control all the items in your admin sidebar menu, so you can easily prevent Editors from touching any plugin settings, and limit their role only to posts and pages. I took a screenshot below. : )

    Hope this helps!

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