Auto Assign using "No Preference"

Any way to have "No Preference" automatically select a service provider with availability?? Any custom function ideas?

Scenario: We have 6 tutors, "no preference" sends an email to their supervisor, so the tutors log in each day to check for "no preference" appointments. I'd like it to just assign it to a tutor automatically if they are available and not show up at all if everyone's schedule is full during that time. possible?

  • Vaughan


    there isn't a way unfortunately, but you can change the text from no preference to whatever you want using the shortcode below in your page

    [app_service_providers empty_option="Please, select"]

    so then the list will show providersbut will say please, select instead of no preference

    although if they don't select, it'll still be confirmed as no preference. i don't know of any other way of setting a default provider.

    hope this helps

  • pxwm

    Hi @Vaughan - I hope you don't mind me chiming in

    Hi @AutumnEyes

    You could consider a few options:-

    If you check the A+ shortcodes page there are options for you to 'force' showing a schedule for a specific Service Provider but unfortunately you can only 'force' it to show a single Service Provider.

    Another option using the above would be to have an appointment page for each Service Provider.

    A 3rd option is to create a 'Book-Service' page with a button link for each available 'Service' and the 'Service providers' assigned to each 'Service'.
    Clicking the button would then navigate to the appointments page and automatically select the 'Service' and 'Service Provider' showing the specific schedule.
    You could then use some css code to 'hide' both the 'Service' and 'Service provider' dropdowns in the appointment page so if the user wanted to selected another option they would have to navigate back to the 'Book-Service' page.
    You could add a link within the appointment page to achieve this and have it as a main menu item.

    I hope that helps

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