Auto backup before every update – location


in HUB > Automate, what does it mean “Auto backup before every update”?

Will it auto backup to my saved destination (Dropbox) or to your cloud (like managed backups)?

Is there a way to choose destination?

And when your Safe Upgrade check finds errors, will it restore entire website from this backup automatically?



  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello Jiri

    Auto backup before every update and Perform Safe Upgrade check are two separate settings.

    Auto backup uses your cloud storage and it automatically keeps the last 3 automated backups. These three are on top, of any other managed backup you’ve set via Snapshot plugin in site.

    There’s no way use other destinations, like normal snapshots do.

    Safe upgrade, on the other hand, simply scans your site before and after every update, telling you if your site is down and showing any visual changes on your homepage, via an automated email.

    Any restoration, should be started by you via Hub -> Backups tab though.

    Warm regards,


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