Auto Blog


I'm having a bit of trouble using the Auto Blog plugin. I use it for my main site and it's working like a charm. But on one of my subsites, it's giving the following error message:

The Cron processing file "wp-cron.php" cannot be reached from code. This may be due to your firewall blocking local loopback calls.
You may be able to work around the firewall by adding this line to your wp-config.php file.
define("ALTERNATE_WP_CRON", true);
If that does not clear the problem, then disable using Cron and enable the "pageload" method by adding
define( "AUTOBLOG_PROCESSING_METHOD", "pageload" );
to wp-config.php

Although when I installed it the first time on that same subsite, it was working properly. But then I had to delete the subsite and create it again, and when I added the plugin to it the second time, that's when I started getting this message. So what's happening exactly, and is there a way to fix that without adding anything to the wp-config file?

Thank you.