Auto Blog Feed Site Restrictions

I've installed autoblog and it is available for all sites on my network and feed delivery is functioning ok. A problem though, it appears all network users can see all sites on the network when setting up feeds via autoblog.

I am still testing my WP3.0 install and in the process I have created a few user sites. When I sign into a site with it's own unique user id and proceed with a autoblog feed setup, in the Add posts to drop down list I can see and select any of all the available sites on my network, including the super admin sites. Is this normal behavior or a bug?
When adding a new feed via autoblog is there a way to prevent a site administrator from seeing other user sites, when selecting the site to assign autoblog feed posts to? That is is there a way to restrict a user allowing them to autoblog feeds only to his or her sites?

Logging in and clicking on My Sites confirms a site user has no normal access to other sites plus I've double checked user privileges via Super Admin.