Auto Blog Feed Site Restrictions

I've installed autoblog and it is available for all sites on my network and feed delivery is functioning ok. A problem though, it appears all network users can see all sites on the network when setting up feeds via autoblog.

I am still testing my WP3.0 install and in the process I have created a few user sites. When I sign into a site with it's own unique user id and proceed with a autoblog feed setup, in the Add posts to drop down list I can see and select any of all the available sites on my network, including the super admin sites. Is this normal behavior or a bug?
When adding a new feed via autoblog is there a way to prevent a site administrator from seeing other user sites, when selecting the site to assign autoblog feed posts to? That is is there a way to restrict a user allowing them to autoblog feeds only to his or her sites?

Logging in and clicking on My Sites confirms a site user has no normal access to other sites plus I've double checked user privileges via Super Admin.


  • wave

    I am a bit confused as to how autobog can function within a multi-user muli-site network in it current form. OK for feeding a single user multi-site network.

    To allow me to use it on a multi-user multi-site network I have ring-fenced it's functionality to super admin only by editing the add_adminmenu function in autoblogadmin.php, allowing a user with edit_themes capability access to autoblog menu option.

    function add_adminmenu() {</p>
    <p> global $menu, $admin_page_hooks;</p>
    <p> add_menu_page(__('Auto Blog','autoblog'), __('Auto Blog','autoblog'), 'edit_themes', 'autoblog', array(&$this,'handle_dash_page'), autoblog_url('autoblogincludes/images/menu.png'));</p>
    <p> // Fix WP translation hook issue
    if(isset($admin_page_hooks['autoblog'])) {
    $admin_page_hooks['autoblog'] = 'autoblog';
    <p> // Add the sub menu
    add_submenu_page('autoblog', __('Edit feeds','autoblog'), __('Edit feeds','autoblog'), 'edit_themes', "autoblog_admin", array(&$this,'handle_admin_page'));
    add_submenu_page('autoblog', __('Edit Options','autoblog'), __('Edit Options','autoblog'), 'edit_themes', "autoblog_options", array(&$this,'handle_options_page'));</p>
    <p> }

    Seems a logical way to run this plugin in it's current form. Any single user multi-site network can use super admin to configure the plugin and feeds plus on a multi-user multi-site network the super admin can use the plugin confident that they won't have blog owners dumping feeds all over the place.

    Hope this makes sense.

  • r3altor

    Just installed the AutoBlog plugin. It's Awesome! A question and a request:

    Question: How can I auto pull in the images from the RSS feed? (Like on Google Reader)

    Request: (Or maybe just some helpful hints) If I want to add a "..." after the last word/paragraph/letter in the blog post excerpt for this plugin, do I need to do it on the functions.php file of the theme I'm using like on "vanilla wordpress" or is there somewhere in the plugin that this should be done?

    Thanks in advance.

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