Auto Blog Feeds Controlled From Main Blog Still Possible?

To create feeds with the plugin today, it looks like you have to login to each individual dashboard for the sites you want to have a feed going to, enable the auto blog plugin and the create a feed. So if you want to create 10 feeds for ten sites, you have to go to each of the ten sites one by one and enable the plugin and create the feeds.

In the past, you could enable the plugin on one blog and create and manage feeds for any site on the install from that one blog. This meant you could create 10 feeds for 10 sites and manage them all from the same screen / dashboard and by only enabling the plugin once. This was accomplished because the plugin enabled you to choose any site on the install to be the recipient of the feed (feed destination) when creating a feed via a drop down select box whereas now, you can only configure the feed source, not the feed destination.

Is there any way to accomplish what the old functionality did so that all feeds can be centrally managed?