Auto Blog is not grabbing the featured image from the main blog on wordpress

I'm trying to pull the featured image from the posts on our main site:

and would like the feed to auto populate under "district news" on this site

we're using the Auto Blog Plugin, and I only activated the permalink add-on and the featured image add-on, i tried using the image import plugin and deactivate the featured image and that still didn't work. I tried activating both of them at the same time, and that didn't work either. The featured images are not being copied onto the other multi-site, the media tab on the WordPress dashboard has no images, however the posts tab has the posts successfully copied over.

I also tried going into one of the posts from the main site and insert an image in the post and the plugin couldn't even grab that image, even though on the settings for the feed, it says that it grabs a featured image from the feed item. I tried all the options from the featured image add-on, as shown in the screen shot, and none of them worked.

The plugin works great overall, except I'm trying to make our pages news section look like the featured product section on this site:

I've tried deleting the plugin and re installing it and re-adding the feed and still have no luck.