Auto Blog not pulling in full feed

Hi. Have domain small and have autoblog set up to pull in various rss feeds into draft, so I can then manually edit or remove and therefore posting the best of the articles that come in. That works fine so far.

I the cloned this site using your excellent cloner onto a subdomain = master.smallstepsbigdreams

I have then added a new feed via autoblog – the RSS from smallstepsbigdreams. The point being the subdomain would then just process and auto-publish the finished article. I have added on force feed and full text, but when the feed imports I am just getting the first 20 or so words of each item – thats it. Hope you can help me figure this out as its key to the whole thing I am trying to achieve. I have used RSS Aggregator with full text rss + force feed on a different domain and that pulls it all in fine, but again seems to experience an issue when used with a sub domain/cloned site