Auto Deliver Download Content

Hello @pcwriter was wondering how you were able to set up the test page for me where I received the download link right after the $0 dollar purchase. I have payment gateway via paypal and tried several times and the order was placed but the product download link was not included in the email.

I searched the forums and found an older post that said that the order had to be marked shipped manually. As soon as I did that then I received another email with the link.

So just wondering if I go live with a real price (and not test everything) will it send the download link as your test store?

Also needed to find a way around the shipping problems without having to give up the USPS addition.

Hoping that @Aaron will havew a soultion for the Digital Download Products to be able to process the orders without shipping fee's and automatically send the download link once transaction is completed.

Thanks in Advance everyone.