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Hello @pcwriter was wondering how you were able to set up the test page for me where I received the download link right after the $0 dollar purchase. I have payment gateway via paypal and tried several times and the order was placed but the product download link was not included in the email.

I searched the forums and found an older post that said that the order had to be marked shipped manually. As soon as I did that then I received another email with the link.

So just wondering if I go live with a real price (and not test everything) will it send the download link as your test store?

Also needed to find a way around the shipping problems without having to give up the USPS addition.

Hoping that @aaron will havew a soultion for the Digital Download Products to be able to process the orders without shipping fee’s and automatically send the download link once transaction is completed.

Thanks in Advance everyone.

  • 3SixtyEvolve
    • New Recruit

    Hi Dean

    I pray you are well.

    @pcwriter normally visits the forums a bit later in the day, so I am sure he will reply to you at some point. I will flag Aaron to also provide his feedback, since you’ve been in conversation with him before.

    All the best with your setup. And I hope everything will go well with your surgery and that you would have a fast recovery.

    Please stay in touch.


  • Dean Kaus
    • The Bug Hunter

    @aaron Thanks for the follow up. @pcwriter had set up a test site when we were testing the download limits and ability for others with the link to download with that same link and he somehow was able to set it up with a zero dollar amount. Since I received the email and the link almost instantly I figured I missed a step somewhere when I set up my test product.

    Thanks for the quick response.

  • Dean Kaus
    • The Bug Hunter

    @ginab prayers do work and I thank you for them. Everything went pretty well (I don’t have all of the results back yet) but while the news was better than I thought (no pacemaker or bypass needed at this time) still have a bit of recovery to do.

    Thanks Again for all of your prayers.

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