Auto-Enroll with CoursePress Pro WooCommerce Integration

I recently learned through the comment section on the post below that the only way a User is automatically enrolled in the Course they purchase as a Student is if the purchase originates from the Course Details Page Enroll Now button.

I am using a landing page as a sales page for a product launch. My plan was to use a link that would send the User to Checkout for the Product/Course based on the WooCommerce link for the Product, but my understanding is that this will not auto-enroll the User as a Student.

Is there any way to have the auto-enroll work outside of the Course Page? I use LeadPages and they have Javascript that works with their buttons. If you want to use your own buttons instead, you just have to put the Javascript somewhere on the page and it will work properly.

Would that be an option here? If I 'hid' the CoursePress Pro Enroll Now Javascript somewhere on my landing page and then used the WooCommerce link for the button would it work?

Or is there another approach that will enable us to do this?