Auto-generated pages in Coursepress

I'm trying to set up Coursepress and while I can set up a course, and enroll for it, and see the content, most of the auto-generated pages don't work - I just get page not found as an error message for anything Dashboard and Profile related. I've updated permalinks and uninstalled/reinstalled the plugin, and I'm stuck. What's going wrong?

  • Anang

    Hi Carole

    Hope you have a great day :slight_smile:

    There's some issues on some installation about this "Virtual Page". But if you create page and put shortcode there, then assign it in settings page, it will works. The other advantage using this method is you can add your own content on Dashboard, profile, login, etc.

    So I will give you step by step how to create Dashboard page and assign it in settings. You can replicate it to others page:
    1. Create a new page, named it to Dashboard or something else
    2. Put [cp_pages page="student_dashboard"] in the editor (you can find other shortcode on settings page, below each page setting)
    3. You can put your own content if you want before / after shortcode
    4. Publish Page
    5. Go to CoursePress settings
    6. Find "Student Dashboard Page" section
    7. Choose your new page from dropdown
    8. Click Save

    Now you can check your new page, and find the dashboard there. You can repeat this step to other pages ( Enrollment, Login, Signup, Setting). I attached you screenshot to show you where to find the shortcode.

    Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:

    Best Regards

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