[Auto Load Next Post] Infinite Scroll Doesn't Work


I am using Auto Load post plugin to enable infinte scroll for post but It doesn't work could you check please?

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  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Mohamed

    I hope you’re well today!

    I checked you site and I think there are two issues there. Once is that the “theme selectors” (CSS IDs/classes) in the plugin configuration weren’t configured to match relevant selectors on site. I adjusted that slightly to what seems to better match page structure.

    Still though, there seems to be another issue that suggests that the plugin’s code isn’t even properly executed. There’s a ajax error reported in browser console, regarding PHP error in ajax response. It seems to be related to LiteSpeed cache but I’m not sure whether it’s that plugin causing it or if it’s just “passed through it”.

    Have you tried to run a full conflict test? To diagnose that Auto Load Next Post plugin the best way would be to:

    1. set “Theme Selectors” in its configuration to the default configuration

    “main.site-main” for “Content Container”

    “h1.entry-title” for “Post title”

    “nav.post-navigation” for “Post Navigation”

    “section#comments” for “Comments Container”.

    2. Clear and disable all possible caches on site and server

    3. Switch the site temporarily to Twenty Seventeen theme and see if that auto-loading is working.

    4. If it’s not working, start switching other plugins off one by one each time checking if the “auto load next post” is still not working; do that until it starts working and the last disabled plugin would be the source of conflict.

    On the other hand, if it starts to work right after switching to Twenty Seventeen theme with all other plugins still enabled, you’d know that it’s the current theme that’s conflicting with it.

    Knowing about what’s causing such conflict would be essential and it would be best to report such conflict to the Auto Load Next Post plugin developers asking them to fix that.

    Kind regards,


  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Mohamed

    I’m sorry for confusion on this!

    It seems, however, that this is now working. I just visited the example post that you linked to and when I scrolled the page down there were next posts loaded so I believe you managed to deal with it meanwhile, right?

    The only issue that I can see now is that the posts are not loaded quite correctly – they are loaded into a container that takes “entire width of the page”, replacing also other parts of the page. This suggests that the containers in plugin configuration need to be adjusted. There’s no access to the site open currently so I can’t check that but what should help would be to examine the single post view (with browser “Inspect Element” tools) – before the next posts are loaded – to check what IDs/classes would look like the most relevant container and try to updated it in the plugin settings.

    Have you tried to do this or do you need assistance with this as well? If you need help with this, could you enable support access to the site again, please?

    Kind regards,


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