auto posting to instagram from wordpress site

A client wants to auto post images when they are uploaded to their wordpress site immediately to instagram at the same time. What plugin(s) can do this?

  • Adam Czajczyk

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    As far as I'm aware, currently no plugin can do this. There were plugins around (and I believe they are still available) that claim to be able to do this but unless they are using some "hacky ways" that wouldn't be doable.

    The point is, Instagram's API doesn't allow upload from any other sources than mobile devices currently. They closed it for desktops and third-party websites/services so that's a bummer.

    If I'm correct, the only "legitimate" exception currently would be HubSpot service but that only applies to posting from and through their platform (I believe through their mobile app as well) but even though there's an official WordPress plugin for Hubspot, it doesn't provide that feature - it only ads HubSpot lead generation forms and HubSpot analytics insights to the site.

    The other exception, and that's not quite "official", is using Chrome browser's built in "mobile view" in Chrome's webdeveloper tools. But that's only a workaround for posting from desktop computer rather than from WordPress.

    The bottom line is, I'm afraid there's currently no legitimate way to do this and of any other ways (any "hacking" tools that could do it) I"m not aware.

    A bit better news is that Instagram is currently testing a new "Content Publishing API" which would make it fully possible. However, that API is currently being tested as a closed beta with Facebook Marketing Partners and there's no information when it will be made public and if it will be available to everyone or only to FB Marketing Partners or some specific business entities.

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