Autoblog 3.5 released

Hi gang

I've just released version 3.5 of the Autoblog plugin. For those of you also using Membership, this plugin now also has a plugins section and interface and there are a couple of plugins released with it.

Main changes in this version -
Change main plugin file name to autoblogpremium.php to resolve the "upgrade to lite" issue. You will need to deactivate the existing plugin. REMOVE the autoblog directory and THEN upload the new version and activate to ensure that you get the new file activated. Finally do a forced process of each of your feeds in turn to make sure the dates and times are set to the new / correct timezones.

Fixed some localisation issues with feed queuing dates - the plugin now takes account of your timezones when scheduling processing times, etc..

Twitter add-on - Activate and it will create a "tweet" post type on your system, if you then select this post type as the one to import the RSS feed of your twitter account, the add-on will parse the tweets content and add the correct links to searches, hash tags, etc...
Also included is a recent tweets widget - there is not styling in this initial version of the widget, so in order to make it pretty you'll need to add some to your themes style sheet.

Youtube add-on - Activate and it will check the URL of imported items, if the URL is a youtube url then the content of the post will be changed to the URL in order to use the WordPress auto-embed system -still experimental this one so I'd appreciate any feedback you have.