Autoblog 3.5.1

Hi Gang

Autoblog 3.5.1 was released early this morning / late last night :slight_smile:

It has a few bug fixes / updates in it to bring it up and ready for WP3.2, and also a few functionality changes / updates.

Changes to some functionality.
There is now an option to add a feeds "categories" as categories or tags, and the option to create any that don't exist locally.

I've added another add-on to the system, which when enabled will allow you to reset the autoblog timer - this is useful if autoblog stops or pauses in it's processing for some reason.

Adding posts to other blogs/sites - If you use autoblog in the Blog/Site admin area then you can add feeds to populate that site/blog. Clicking to go through to the Network Admin area, the Autoblog admin area on that side will allow you to add/edit feeds that can populate any site/blog in your network whether you have autoblog activated on them or not.

It is available for download from the usual place.