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I am using the autoblog plugin to bring in some newsfeeds from a couple of sites, but I am using the daily theme and the posts dont have images attahed.

Is there a way to add a standard image for every post created in a category, I dont mind it being the same image just so the front page doesnt like so bear?


  • Aphrodite
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    adding a +1

    Is it possible to have the "featured image" in the rss post ?

    In fact I dont know.

    But what I would need is to import posts from all over the network, that have featured images, so that the feed also take the image to disply it on front home page

    I use themes setting up automatically thumbs and featured images tha function just would be... greatissima !

    Found this that should associate images to thread, but as mentioned it is not update for WP 3 :slight_frown:(((((

    Also found this for custom fields :

    And this one :

  • Mason
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    Hiya Ugosta,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    The autoblog plugin should pull in anything from the RSS feed including images. If it's not in the RSS feed, it obviously can't pull it, but otherwise I believe the image is pulled as well.

    If you need further troubleshooting with this, provide a sample feed and we'll assist further.


  • Scott
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    I've been through this many many times and the best solution I've found is a plugin called "Get The Image" (

    It does take a little bit of modifying what ever theme you are using. But it does the trick quite well. It uses method's similar to phpthumb and timthumb. But the advantage with get the image is that it is much smarter about it. Most other plugin's that do similar things rely upon the image having been uploaded into the Wordpress Media Library via the post. Which simply does not work when using something like Auto Blog, FeedWordPress or WP o matic because the other plugin's are dumb and ONLY look in the WP Media library.

    They all "say" it takes the first image in the post, but what they really mean is it takes the first image attached to the post via the post's media library.

    However, Get the image will actually look at the html source for the first image, second image or what ever you specify. It'll cache the meta data if you have/use some sort of object caching. So unlike phpthumb or timthumb. It doesn't require a run through php to figure out the path to the image.

    There's much other cool stuff about it, but check the site for all that. The only time it will require phpthumb or timthumb is if you need your images resized on the fly.

    In my particular case, the RSS feed's I use are custom made and all the images are already pre sized to the correct width and height needed for my themes. So I don't need any php/timThumb what so ever.

    Surprisingly, the majority of developers out there don't get how useful get the image is and why. They all seem to go the easy route if/when they build in these image generating features. I can't tell you how many times I've tried explaining this to the developer of the Arras Theme. That theme in particular uses it's own custom image script to add extra functionality and more thumbsizes for the theme's needs. But for the most part, most themes do no do this and get the image is pretty easy to integrate into your site's themes.

    so yea, I highly recommend it

  • hoppare
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    Add this lines

    $enclosure = $item->get_enclosure();
    	update_post_meta( $post_ID , 'Image', $enclosure->get_link() );

    to autoblogprocess.php after this line:

    update_post_meta( $post_ID , 'original_imported_time', time() );

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