Autoblog – Add Posts To: field missing

Just installed the Autoblog plugin but it looks like I'm missing the field called "Add Post To" when adding a feed.

According to the installation directions you can activate this plugin site-by-site if needed. I tried Network Activating the plugin but that didn't work either. So, if I have it only activated on our main site, I should be able to send the feed posts to any other blog, right?

What am I missing here?

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    Just installed the Autoblog plugin but it looks like I’m missing the field called “Add Post To” when adding a feed.

    If you grab the latest version (uploaded about 10 minutes ago) then there are now two areas to edit feeds. If you are in the site admin area then the feeds you add will be for that blog/site. If you click on the Network admin link, you will see Autoblog menus there as well. Any you edit/add from the network admin area will allow you to send posts to different blogs/sites using the “Add Post To” field.

    I’ve literally just updated the plugin file, so unfortunately the documentation hasn’t caught up yet – sorry.

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