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When I setup autoblog I choose Use New Window . I believe that is when you click on a image or the link to the original post it should create a new window. Autoblog is not doing this. It sends my customers to another webpage using the same window. This takes them off my site. Instead of creating a new window . When they are done they can just exit out of that window or tab and return to my page. What would be real cool is to have the links created a I Frame . That way your members will stay on your site and you will still have the sites navigation setup menu etc. Integrated instead of sending them to another website. Your thoughts?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Mike

    I hope you’re well today!

    The “new window” option that you’re referring to would be the “Open this link in a new window” one in “Post excerpts” section of a feed configuration. You are right, this will work if there’s a link to original source added to a post but whether it will open it in a new browser tab or an entirely new window – that actually depends on the browser settings.

    Most modern browsers open new tabs by default, instead of new windows. That can be changed by the browser user but I think there are not many people who do that.

    If, despite “Open this link in a new window” option being enabled, links are still opened in the very same browser window and tab that would mean that either some other plugin is affecting this or the theme is filtering link targets. Though, I’d say, that’d be very rare cases.

    It’s worth to know also that it’s in fact not Autoblog that opens it. Autoblog only creates and publishes the post and then, even if you disable Autoblog and remove it, such post will stay there and still behave that way because that’s just a HTML markup created by Autoblog for it :slight_smile:

    However, there already is a way to open these links in an “iframe” (actually, it’s a popup containing an iframe). To use it, please go to the “Autoblog -> Add-ons” page and enable “Open links in popup” add-on. It will, by default, automatically affect feeds but you can then disable that option for any selected feed by editing the feed and checking the “Do you want to turn off this feature for this feed” checkbox in “Open link in Popup” section.

    Please note, however, that in same cases that might not work quite well. For example, if your site is served over SSL secured connection but the target one is only available over insecure connection (http://), most browsers will block such content. Some sites might also have additional scripts built-in into them that prevent presentation inside iframe. There’s no rule for that, though, so you’ll just need to check if it works fine with your feeds.

    Best regards,


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