[Autoblog] AutoBlog Autorewrite

Ideally, I would like to see the ability to create an array of words and their associations. Like this:

beer -> draft, draught, stout, lager, ale, https://domain.com/beer/

champagne -> wine, spirits, https://domain.com/champagne/

On import, Autoblog would check the feed for any of the defined words on the left. If a match is found (whole words only), then it would randomly choose one of its associations and replace that word in the draft post it creates. In the case of an http or https, it would use the existing word, but create an a href link with that word.

Sort of a link spinner, I guess… but for exclusive use with AutoBlog. It would allow the same feed to be used multiple times and have it a little bit changed, ramdonly for each blog it is placed.