AutoBlog – Blogs not being listed in drop down

I am trying to use Autoblog and on the step where you can add the feed and then pick a blog from a drop down menu, I don’t have any sites listed. The page takes longer than normal time to load and then there is nothing listed in the dropdown.

While I do not think this is the fault of the plugin, I am concerned there is something else going on in my site. I also use a plugin called ThreeWP Broadcaster and it is also having the issue where it will not list any blogs. Seems to be a sitewide issue where the listing of blogs is broken and I am not quite sure where to even begin to look.

Could this be an issue in the database? A random file left somewhere? We have about 1200 blogs. Thank you for any suggestions.

I should also point out that we have been using the same site since 2006 running WPMU and have upgraded everything since then to the most recent 3.5. So things are 6 years old.