autoblog content SEO value vs the SEOMOZ errors/warnings


I’ve begun to question the vaule of using Autoblog to collect RSS feed content. I realize Autoblog is not responsible for the quality of the RSS Feed content. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to change the titles to remove the dups using Infinite SEO and Ultimate SEO, but I’m still working on this. It would be nice it Autoblog addressed this somehow.

SEOMOZ detects 1000s of errors and warnings for my Autoblog RSS Feed sites. Many of these are related to dup title and content.

Certainly, I have no text/keyword control over these feeds, so they are not helping optimize the site for keywords.

I think I am better off removing the Autoblog content and worrking to optimize the site, then coming back later to see if I can make better use of such feeds. BTW, I have eliminated my BP activity log because of such errors too.

Any opinions?