Autoblog Does Not open the Post, and other things...

Cannot get autoblog to display photos in the category listing... Is this possible? They do display in the autoblog-created blog post.

And, when I click on a listing in the autoblog category, it opens the source article, in the same window -- of course if I then close that article, my blog also closes. Not good.

Any way to open the source article in a new window?

And how do I get the article to open as a blog post, instead of opening the source page? The blog article exists, but the only way I can get to it is through Admin -> posts -> view.

Also, when I view the autoblog-created blog post, the "read more" button at the bottom takes me to the source article as expected, but once again the article appears in the SAME window -- need it to open in a new window (or even better, open in an iframe on my site, without ever leaving my site).

Thanks again!

  • Sahara

    Thanks for your reply Tom.

    I have tested Chrome, Safari, FireFox.
    On FireFox, the article source will open in a new tab (good), but Chrome and Safari open the source in the same tab (not good).

    I still cannot get to the autoblog-created post unless I go to Admin-> posts, and view it there. I can only open the source pages.

    All add-ons are active.

    ------ here are my settings-------------------------

    Your Title TechCrunch
    Feed URL

    Add posts to (my site name)
    Post type for new posts posts
    Default status for new posts publish
    Set the date for new posts imported date
    Post format for new posts standard
    Author details
    Set author for new posts use feed author
    If author in feed does not exist locally use xxxxxx
    Categories and Tags
    Assign posts to this category Help
    Treat feed categories as TAGS Add any that do not exist.
    Add these tags to the posts none
    Post Filtering
    Include posts that contain (separate words with commas)
    All of these words none
    Any of these words business, computer, tablet
    The exact phrase none
    None of these words none
    Any of these tags none
    Tags should be comma separated
    Post excerpts
    Use full post or an excerpt full post
    For excerpts use 100 words
    Link to original source none (I have tried both none and "See Original Source"
    Ensure this link is a nofollow one not checked
    Feed Processing
    Import the most recent 5 added posts
    Process this feed every 5 minutes
    Starting from 1/1/12
    Ending on 1/1/14
    Force SSL verification no
    Featured Image Importing
    Check images from top of post
    Minimum featured image size 100 pixels wide by 100 pixels high
    Debug Image Importing not set

    What am I doing wrong?

    1. I need the autoblog-created posts to open, somehow (Not just the source).
    2. I need a link to the source too, and have it open in a new tab.

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