Autoblog dramatically increases the size of database with unnecessary post revisions

I have a multisite install and have noticed that our database has grown exponentially since setting up Autoblog a few months ago.

We have posts importing correctly from one or more feeds. After a new article from a feed is processed, it writes a new row to the wp_{blogid}_posts table, as it should.

The problem appears to be that Autoblog processes and writes a new row to this table on every single subsequent scheduled import and it saves these as post revisions. Each one of these post revisions appears to have the date when the feed was processed set in the post_date_gmt, post_modified, and post_modified_gmt.

Shouldn't the date of the post be that of the original post date? We have the feeds set to use the "original post date".

Regardless, there appears to a bug with how Autoblog determines whether or not to write to the database. We have a post that was imported on 2014-04-01 and now has 744 revisions for this single post. You can see how this can be a major problem considering that there are multiple posts and multiple feeds for multiple blog sites.

We're using AutoBlog with wp_cron disabled.