Autoblog Error: Allowed memory size of xxxxxx bytes exhausted

Keep getting a new error on all my feeds. Autoblog was working great then all of the sudden none of my feeds work and I am getting "Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted" (0.26 mb) in the log file.

"Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 5 bytes)

My Server Settings:
PHP Version 5.6.30
max_execution_time 120
memory_limit 768M

I did the fixes in this post

I tried replacing the wp_cron with the linux cron by shutting off the wp_cron in wp_config. When using linux cron to process feeds, I would get a blank white screen when I selected to run an autopost feed. I turned the wp_cron back on and the white screen is fixed but goes back to having the log error. Any ideas why this is happening?