AutoBlog Errors - Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

OK Inscub! AutoBlog is a GREAT idea, and a great plugin... However something is wrong and I'm ripping my hair out trying to figure out what!!

I'm attempting to syndicate content across several sites in my multisite network, It's set up as follows

Main Site -
Subsites -,, and

Currently, the site with all the content is Let's Talk Nevada. I'm attempting to use AutoBlog to syndicate articles with a national appeal (categorized in a certain category) (feed: to Let's Talk Nation, and then eventually to the other 3 subsites as well! Problem is, I keep getting errors just trying to syndicate one feed from Let's Talk Nevada to Let's Talk Nation.

Here are the errors:

1 - I have set it up to use FULL POST, not excerpts, however it keeps importing excerpts only. When "read more" is clicked, it goes to the original site... and does not stay on Nation site.
2 - It's not recognizing all authors, even though they exist across all multi-sites, it's importing it into my default guest author setup, even though the correct author is on both sites.
3 - It will only import 10 posts, even when I set it to posts. or 100 posts, it will not import any past 10
4 - Some posts are being duplicated. (This might be due to me deleting, reimporting, etc) although I am deleting posts after each test.

I've tried deactivating and reactivating the plugin, even deleting the plugin completely and reinstalling it. I've tried activating in network activated mode, and I've tried it site by site, and I've had the same errors each time. I've already activated support access, so please feel free to login and take a peek at my settings! You may try test imports, etc on all except Let's Talk Nevada (that is a live, high-traffic site). The Nation Site, as well as California, Idaho, Utah are in coming soon/testing mode, so please feel free to test and see if you can help figure out what I've got messed up here, because I'm at a loss!

Thanks a lot!