Autoblog feature request

Hi there!

I have a feature request for the Autoblog plugin.

In the Categories and Tags section, can you have the ability to try to "Use existing category" and have a checkbox that says ",have Autoblog automatically add new categories if not found"? This way, we can have consistent (or more consistent) Categories.

Also, the "use feed author" feature - does that attempt to link up the feed to an existing user in my WPMU installation? Just trying to figure out what that does exactly, it would appear that it's always defaulting to the "admin" account.

Thanks and keep up the great work!


  • Barry

    Unfortunately RSS feeds only have categories in them. If you look at the RSS feed for your blog you will see that the categories and tags are all listed as categories, with no method of distinguishing between what was a tag and what was originally a category. So the decision had to be made about whether to include these as categories or tags. I decided that it was better to use the tag feature rather than contaminate the category lists.

    The use feed author should attempt to find a user with the same name as the user listed against the RSS feed as the author for that post. If that author isn't a user (or another with the same username) on your site then it will add the feed as the user you set in the next option.


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