AutoBlog feature request


Two quick auto blog feature thoughts:

We noticed that when Auto Blog imports feeds, it does not import images.

Example: If a feed at is imported, images are not downloaded, they are imported as This means if the source blog post is deleted or images in the source blog are deleted, they will break on the site importing the feed. An alternative used by some other similar plugins is that images from feeds that are imported are downloaded to the importing blog.

This means that if Blog A imports a post from a feed on blog B and then Blog B is then deleted down the road, the articles that have been imported to Blog A will break as their images will return 404's since they no longer exist at Blog B.

If Blog A imports a feed and also downloaded images contained in articles from Blog B and pointed the image links in the new imported articles to the new locally downloaded images, breakage will not occur should Blog B make any changes to its articles / content in the future.

Also, it would be great if Auto Blog maintained the source feed URL, instead of rewriting the URL to be the post title .... So a blog post at with a title of "This Article is About Blue Widgets" will be imported as instead of ... just a thought ...