Autoblog feed disappears on update in site created by New Blog Templates

I have a multisite install where we have a "base" site that we copy with the New Blog Templates plugin. The base site has Autoblog installed with a few feeds.

When we add a new site using the New Blog Templates plugin, everything copies over as expected, including the Autoblog feeds. The problem is the feed "disappears" when we edit and save one of the copied feeds.

The reason this is happening is that the form values are populated from the serialized data in the 'feed_meta' field found in the 'wp_autoblog' table. This data contains a value for the 'blog' which is set to the id of the base site. This id is being used to populate the hidden form field 'abtble[blog]'. When you update the form, the blog feed "disappears" because the 'blog_id' column in the database is being set back to the base site. If I return to the base site, I see that the feed I just updated now belongs to the base site.

I would suggest setting the hidden field to the current blog id instead of using the value from the serialized data. I know AutoBlog feeds can be managed on the network level so it would probably be necessary to take this approach only when working within a specific blog site's admin.

Alternatively, New Blogs Templates could update the value of the 'blog' key to the new blog site id in the 'feed_meta' during the initial copy.

Thanks for your help