Autoblog Image Import Issues and Featured Images

Okay. Please go to and look under the blogs menu item for Mississippi Pep. It has a placeholder there for a picture, but no picture is there. The rss feed has thumbnail images attacked to it, but they are not being brought in apparently.
Also, if you click on Jackson jambalaya on the left sidebar widget and look at that feed, the picture is in that widget. But when you click on the Jackson Jambalaya category under the blog menu item all that is there is the default category image from and external plugin, since the autoblog plugin doesn't work. It seems this plugin is having some issues
This feed isn't working either.
Tried with these plugins
clean face, disable sanitization, featured image import, open links in popup, post formats addon, replace author, youtube feed import
Then swapped out the featured image with import image plugin and re processed and it didn't work.