autoblog -> import to custom post-type vs. new blog?

Looking for a plugin:
I have a single external rss feed that I want to pull into my website as a custom post-type. I saw autoblog where it forces you to create new blogs on a multi install, which while cool, is very overkill for this simple project I need to complete.

Has anyone seen a plugin that will do what I am after?
1. I create a custom post-type 'RSS'(I know how to do this)
2. I add an rss link to an admin panel somewhere
3. the plugin then polls the rss feed and if new posts are found, then a new post is created under my RSS post-type.

Simple enough, just can't seem to find the right tool for the job. Any ideas?

**I own the rss feed that I am importing, so no legal issues there