autoblog - is not grabing my feeds.

Hi guys, I have this plugin installed on 3 sites. did them all at the same time. one is working great, the other two grabbed the posts the first day i installed them and have not grabbed any since. I thought it might be a timing issue since it grabbed several days worth originally. But the last post was Feb 25th and there has deffentily been posts since then.

here is the feed.
here is the site


any idea why this is not grabbing the feed? i am running 3.6.2

  • aecnu
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    Greetings livemercury,

    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

    Are you also using WP version 3.3.1?

    MultiSite or Solo?

    Can you please turn debugging on to give us a clue and log as to whats happening?

    Site dashboard --> Auto Blog --> Options --> Debug mode is Enabled

    I had my working production Auto Blog set to import the feed every 30 minutes which worked fine but have now switched it to 1 hour just to see the results.

    Please advise on the above and what your timing is set at for Auto Blog to run the feed - in addition what does the debugging indicate after several hours of running?

    This information will show right just by simply clicking in the site dashboard on Auto Blog.

    Cheers, Joe :slight_smile:

  • livemercury
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    hey guys, I just turned on debug mode on the one site. the two sites are almost identical, so i figure if we can fix the one i should be bale to fix the second one. Yesterday when i logged in to the site, i noticed the next process date was in the color red. I clicked the "process" button. according to the screen shot the next schedule looks right, etc. but yet, i have no posts. :slight_frown: I imagine it is something dumb...

    also yes i have the latest update to WP. i am running inspire from woothemes and that framework is updated. not really much on this site. the whole purposes of the site was this RSS feed.

    let me know what i should try next. thanks!

  • livemercury
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    ok... so i think i figured it out. the dates on this feed are totally messed up. the other feed i have is working just fine, since those publish dates are right. last night i tried using the original publish date and it put 1970. lol.... so i am going to have to use another system like rss2blog to get around this. i am going to hit resolved for now, since this is really an issue of the feed and its dates. i wish i had some other control on the plugin on how to address it, but that is ok. thank you though.

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