Autoblog is not importing items after the initial first import

Hi Guys

I've got a problem with Autoblog not importing new posts after the initial import. Basically when you add a feed it pulls in all the latest posts but as soon as there's a new post in the feed Autoblog sees it but says its imported the post already when it hasn't.

If I test one of my feeds this is the result of what I see: - the major problem here is that this particular post it claims it imported has not been imported.

If I process the feed this is what I get:

Here is my Autoblog Dashboard where you can see posts are not being imported:

Here is the details for each of my feeds, they are structured in all the same way:

The screenshots are taken from this dev WP site but I get exactly the same issue on the production Wordpress site which is here I have no idea why this is not working on two separate URLs and by the looks of it I'm the only one experiencing this issue.

Can you assist please?