Autoblog - No Content - MultiDB ?

I recently installed my first multi-db installation and autoblog. I have the multi-db working right, but I'm afraid I did something wrong with the Autoblog because only the title is showing up from the feed. There is no content.

I know am supposed to "create the table in your global database and ensure you have added the "autoblog" table as a global table in your configuration file."

I checked and wp_autoblog is in my global database, and line 25 in my db-config.php file is this:


Do I need to add something else? Right now Autoblog is processing the feed and putting in the titles, but it get's this error when I do a manual process.

Warning: explode() [function.explode]: Empty delimiter in /home/vandaff/public_html/wp-content/mu-plugins/autoblogincludes/classes/autoblogprocess.php on line 281.

I was having problems with my DB install and thought this was part of it, but they continued after the upgrade:

Multi-DB Version - 3.0.2
Autoblog Version - 3.1.1

Thanks for your thoughts.