Autoblog no longer importing youtube feeds since new WP update

So it looks like my feeds have not been importing any new post since my site was updated with new Wordpress version 4.2.2. which was on May 6th. My website was set to auto update which I hate since it tends to break things unless you have gotten a chance to test them before implementing fully. This feature is turned off now. Any ways... So I have gone through the site and even the support forums here to see if I could find an answer and I am fully lost on why this is not working. The plugin says its compatible with the new Wordpress so that makes it even more confusing.

Here is my list of debuggin I have tried:
- Deactivated all plugins but autoblog
- changed theme to a different one
- Ran Debug Cron Job plug in and all Crons looked to be working fine. (unless I viewed this incorrectly)
- Manually tried to process a feed (nothing happened).
- Dashboard Log shows Feeds Processing but nothing be imported
- Validated the import URL feeds and all are coming back working and valid.
- created a new feed to test with and it processes but does not import at all.
- Added this line to my wp-config file which I saw in another support post :
define( 'AUTOBLOG_PROCESSING_METHOD', 'pageload' ); Does not seem to do anything.

So at this point I am at a dead end. Everything seems to be working fine for the most part except the main feature of it importing feeds (post) to my website. Before this happened it was working flawlessly. So I could use some help on this. If you need access to my website let me know please. As of now my website is showing a down for maintenance page since I have been taking it apart.

I am currently running Wordpress 4.2.2 and AutoBlog version 4.1