autoblog not autoposting – fresh install

Hi there – I’ve never been able to get autoblog to work for me. In the past I thought it was because of the server / host / coding issues from major tampering with themes etc. So this time I’ve done a fresh install – I’m hosted on godaddy. It’s a fresh WP install 3.3.1 (single use, not multi-site) using the WPMUDEV’s Network theme (installed fresh today). I’ve uploaded autoblog via the plugin uploader on WP. It’s there – I can do all the things required to set up a feed. It says it’s processed, but there is no feed. I’ve tried it on a few feeds but none of them show. What’s happening? Are there other steps I need to do. I’ve read through some of the issues raised here on the forums, but none seem to apply to my situation.

Really hoping to get autoblog to work this time, because the entire site is dependent on it! :slight_smile: And it really is the best autoblogger out there in terms of functionality.